Snowy goes to the dogs


This is Snowy passed out. She has “confessed” to us the reason behind all the debauchery of her wild night, but sadly, her poor little plastic flamingo brain has lost some of the details of what really happenned. As we say down here in North Carolina, y’all…..she was a few crackers short of a pack of Nabs.


As you can see, Snowy did a little more than just smoke a joint and drink a whole bottle of wine!


Then she remembered a tee shirt she saw the day before and POOF! she had an idea!


Oh NO!! Don’t do it Snowy!! He’s your good friend’s husband!! Snowy, have you NO SHAME??

Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Evidently, our little Snowy was too far gone to realize what she was doing….



Later, she tried to explain it all away by saying she was just having flashbacks of The Trolley Shop and the great hot dogs she had there.

Frankly, even the dog was shocked….


 Afterwards, she went behind the elephant ears. Lord only knows what she was doing in there…


It was a wild night, to say the least. In fact, we think it’s safe to say that Snowy….truely….on this night….went to the dogs!




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2 responses to “Snowy goes to the dogs

  1. Snowy

    I’m a shameless hussy!!!!! :0

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