Snowy’s Confession



“I’m so sorry I drank so much last night, and made such a fool of myself, but I was drinking to forget. I’m having a mental breakdown, here, and I need to confess something. I got up there on that beautiful Johnny Mercer’s Pier and, suddenly, I forgot all about my poor husband at home in his pitiful hemmoriodal condition! It was the smell! It was the fishy breeze! The devil made me do it!!”


“I WANTED to be TAKEN by a red-neck Southern Fisherman!! OH MY GOD!! What have I done??”


Snowy definitely was “hooked” on the fishermen. After a night of drinking wine, trying to forget, she was so sorry and felt soooo bad.


We, her good friends, helped her out with an ice pack for her little head and a few Ibuprofin for her aching brain. Sadly, nothing could heal her achy breaky heart. Unrequited love between a pink, plastic flamingo and a red-neck southern fisherman is a sad thing, indeed. Poor little Snowy.



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2 responses to “Snowy’s Confession

  1. gotlime

    Aw…poor snowy! 😦

  2. Snowy

    OMG ……… I was hitting on a MARRIED man??? I am so embarrasssed ………..

    Hahahahahahahahahaaha ……. love the ice bag!!

    … (blinking back tears) … you guys HUNG me ….. (sniff-sniff) …

    What an absolute riot! That was so cool, you two. Definitely one of the best non-memories of my life! 🙂

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