Snowy finds Love at First Sight

One the way home from our adventures in Tosail Island, as we were driving down the road, suddenly Kirk stood on the brakes and turned the car around in the middle of US117. “We’ve GOT to get a picture of Snowy  with THIS!” he proclaimed.


Snowy seemed to warm right up to the the Man in the Boat. We figured maybe it was because of her penchant for southern fishermen. Or maybe it was because this man was, well, made out of plastic just like her.


Whatever the strange connection was, the Man in the Boat must have felt it, too. Because upon closer inspection, we found a little something in the bottom of his boat.


Birth control pills??? We were perplexed. How did they get there, we wondered? Could this really be happening? Our little Snowy had to check out the situation for herself.


Snowy didn’t care where they came from. Snowy didn’t ask any questions. As far as she was concerned, this was the Man for her! He’s PERFECT for me, she crooned. She wasted no time getting a litle closer to him and checking him out.


“Hey there, big boy,” she whispered, seductively. “Go ahead and touch my fluffy feathers. You know you want to.”


“Oh baby, baby” the Man panted. “Let’s get out of here and go for a ride!” Snowy was ready, too. She didn’t care if he was a plastic man with no legs. After all, she was just a plastic flaming with cheap glued on feathers! Goodbye, little Snowy and good luck with your new romance.


We were all a little misty-eyed as they waved good bye. We were happy for Snowy, and glad that she had found someone who, at least, shared her strong beliefs in safe sex.


Well, Klinton was a tiny bit upset, when he learned that Snowy had chosen a legless, plastic man in an ugly wooden boat… over him….. but, that’s another blog.




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3 responses to “Snowy finds Love at First Sight

  1. Debbie

    Seriously LMAO over here … LOVE the picture of Snowy on the seat with the legless man and the BC pills.

  2. Snowy

    Ohhhh … my poor baby. He looks so distressed! Tell him it didn’t work out with the legless man ….. and I’ll be flying that way soon … 🙂

    Touch my fluffy feathers ……. bwaaaa hahahahaha …!!

    I have one question ……….. was I … did I …. uhhh … I mean the legs of those shorts look very inviting ………

    I love it!! Ginger, I’ll always treasure this as one of the best times of my life!!


  3. Darn it, Snowy, you had to finally get on here while I’m back on nights! I’m glad you find it amusing. We sure had fun taking you all around and posing you! We didn’t take advantage of the shorts opportunity, though! I think finding the BC pills had us shell-shocked!

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