Snowy Sobers Up – The Morning After


It’s here. The Morning after. The first order of business was a nice shower. Snowy couldn’t wait to get all the smoke smells, man smells and dog smells off of her. Even though her feathers were looking a little ratty, Snowy was beginning to feel like her old self again.


Nothing like a professional blow job to make a girl look all fluffy again!


In a fine display of sincere remorse, for acting all slutty the night before, Snowy offered to help make breakfast. Ginger was thrilled, as it gave her some time to help her husband, Jeff, pick the pink feathers out of his shorts!


After breakfast, she hung out with Kirk, drinking coffee and looking at pictures on the computer.  Being the nice guy that he is, Kirk asked Snowy what she would like to look at.

She convinced Kirk to go to Kirk thought, at this point, nothing Snowy could do would shock him. But he was wrong! Snowy has another vice…..flamingo porn!


Next, she ventured up into “The Man Room.” She found Debbie making up the sofa sleeper and offered to help fold the sheets.


Then Snowy spotted the little refrigerator and the tray of bar glasses, and all of a sudden, she was thinking about having her first drink of the day! And it was only 10 AM!


Snowy was weak. She couldn’t resist the temptaion. She thought maybe a little feather of the bird that bit her would make her feel better. Nothing like a little Parrot Bay with your Mojito to get your groove on!



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One response to “Snowy Sobers Up – The Morning After

  1. Snowy

    Looks like I got another stiff one! (tee hee)

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