Snowy does Topsail Island

It was a beautiful October day. Snowy and her friends decided to head out to Topsail Island. The Autumn in Topsail Festival was taking place that weekend – an arts and crafts show, complete with live music, street food vendors and a beer and wine tent. img_0427

While everyone else was taking in a gorgeous veiw of the Intracoastal Waterway….


….our wild, little rule-breaker was sneaking off, trying to get into some more trouble!


Snowy thought this guy was kinda cute… he reminded her of her husband!


Who is this, and what is this man doing? It’s Kirk, down on his knees, trying to get a perfect photograph of Snowy!


And here’s the fruit of his labor of love. Snowy, in all her glory, looking like a darn beauty queen!


After posing for her glamour shot, Snowy was ready for a cup of coffee.


And a snack of some boiled peanuts! Snowy loves nuts almost as much as she does hot dogs!


It wasn’t long before Snowy discovered the wine booth.


And the beer! And the cute beer man! This poor guy had never been hit on by a flamingo, before.


No, Snowy, you cannot drink it straight from the tap!


Snowy was quite impressed with the handiwork of the local artists.  As usual, she was a little confused and kept trying to proposition the wooden flamingo! Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying.


She really got into the spirit of the festival and jumped up on stage to sing some beach music for the admiring crowds.


Then Kirk decided to take Snowy for a little ride, thinking he could get her to cool down.


They checked out some missles at the Missles and More Museum. Snowy! Get your mind out of the gutter!


And climbed up the water tower. Snowy LOVES climbing towers! She wasn’t cooling down, Kirk!


Snowy even tried to talk these poor people into a threesome! A menage a trois!


Snowy, Snowy, you just need to…..


No No Snowy, not that! You just need to……




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2 responses to “Snowy does Topsail Island

  1. Debbie

    You are the BEST! Are we ready to launch this baby?

  2. Snowy

    You ARE the BEST!! I am absolutely loving this … laughing out loud (at work, btw … oops!)

    Please thank Kirk for burying my feet in the sand ……. love it!

    Did I buy anything good at the festival???

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