Snowy does Johnnie Mercer’s Pier

No visit to Wrightsville Beach is complete without a stop at her local landmark, Johnnie Mercer’s Fishing Pier. Located in the center of the island, this magnificent concrete structure was finished in 2001 to replace an older, wooden version which was destroyed by Hurricane Fran in 1996. Snowy, wise bird that she is, insisted to be taken directly there after lunch, so she could dip her flip-flop clad feet into the cool Atlantic Ocean and stroll on the fishing pier of choice for so many anglers.

Unfortunately, Snowy was not paying attention to the fierce undertow. She was too busy feeling the wind blow through her fluffy pink feathers to realize the grave danger she was in. Suddenly, she was toppled over into the water and almost drowned! If not for the lightning quick reflexes of her friends, she would have surely perished in the ocean.

Sadly, the near-drowning experience had an unfortunate effect on the fluffiness of Snowy’s feather “doo”.

To console herself from the embarrassment of such a ratty looking appearance, Snowy decided to ask her friends to help her out! Nothing like a good blow job to make a gal look better!

For her next adventure, our wild girl Snowy meets a real man – a southern fisherman…with all the proper equipment!



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6 responses to “Snowy does Johnnie Mercer’s Pier

  1. My goal between now and Sunday is to do the next two posts.

    Be patient with me … I’m not forgetting … I’m just lazy. 😛

  2. Ginger

    Take your time, grasshopper! Mwah!

  3. gotlime

    LMAO! Love the blow job!!

  4. Of course you do Limers!

  5. Snowy

    OMG … that picture of you two … uhhh … drying my feathers … I can’t wait to show Terry that one!!! He’s going to get all a-flutter … no pun intended! 🙂

  6. *Ginger does the beavis and butthead snort*
    “Snowy said all a-flutter.”

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