First stop: Trolly Stop

Snowy’s first trip to Wilmington, North Carolina started off with a quick trip to the Station One Trolly Stop. It is THE place to go for a hot dog (pronounced hot daawwg) on Wrightsville Beach. The quirky menu includes any kind of topping imaginable on a big ‘ole variety of dogs.

Snowy took a minute to admire the many polaroid shots of all the REAL dogs and owners who have visited this famous place through the years.

She was thinking real hard about having some nachos and cheese…

….but in the end, she settled for a Battleship Dog, complete with onions, mustard, relish and salsa.

It wasn’t long before Snowy started attracting some male attention.

So she positioned herself on the grass, where she would seem more approachable to this dark and handsome suitor. Before you could say pepto-bismol, there were interested birds swooping in from everywhere.

The guys in this neighborhood had never seen anything quite like this before! Snowy was mesmerizing to them, with her pink fluffy feathers and exotic black toenails. In the end, they were all too shy to make a move, and Snowy soon became impatient with their childish ways. A girl like her craves adventure, so she decided to check out Johnny Mercer’s Pier.

Stay tuned for more of Snowy’s Wild Adventures!


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One response to “First stop: Trolly Stop

  1. Snowy

    Two viewpoints!! I love it!!!

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